How do I hang my tapestry : Hardware and insructions will be included on how to hang your new tapestry. 



How do I clean my tapestry? Periodically you may gently shake the tapestry back and forth to remove any dust that collects on the fibers. A damp cloth may be used to wipe the panel of wood. Avoid pressing the fibers too hard onto the wall to avoid transferring the dye.

Returns or exchanges: Returns or exchanges are NOT accepted. Each sale is FINAL. Contact me if there are any problems with your order.

Commissioned pieces:
Minimum order size is 48" wide at this time

Collection Pricing:

Price depends on size but here's what a typical collection might go for:
Micros (under 12" wide): $80-150
Minis (12"-36" wide): $150-500
Small-Large (36"-72" wide): $500-1100