How do I hang my tapestry: 

Hardware will be provided and instructions included to install on your wall. When you receive your tapestry, hold your tapestry by the panel and gently shake back and forth to allow any tangles to release. Comb and separate the strands with your fingers to untwist any tangles.

Cleaning Instructions: 

Periodically you may gently shake the tapestry back and forth to remove any dust that collects on the fibers. A dry microfiber cloth may be used to wipe the panel of wood. Avoid pressing the fibers too hard onto the wall to avoid transferring the dye.


Returns or Exchanges:

Returns or exchanges are NOT accepted. Each sale is FINAL. Contact me if there are any problems with your order.


Shipping includes insurance on the full value of the item.

General Prices for Commissioned pieces:
Minimum order size is 48" wide at this time starts at $1200. 
Collection Pricing:

Price depends on size but here's what a typical collection might go for:

Micros (under 12" wide): $80-200
Minis (12"-36" wide): $200-700
Small-Large (36"-72" wide): $700-1800