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Handmade fiber art for the home

Le Lo Boho - Palm Leaf

Welcome to Le Lo Boho! This is the place where I enjoy creating unique and modern tapestries for people like you. I began my journey by drawing inspiration from the coastline and bluffs of my favorite place, a small beach town south of Santa Barbara. Now that I live in the desert, I have a whole new range of landscapes to inspire me.

My custom, hand-dyed fiber art can be found hanging in my clients’ homes…in their bedrooms, family rooms, or in any special space they desire.

My creative process begins as I cut the wool and layer dye to bring to life the piece I envision. I often use custom dye recipes that I’ve developed and perfected over the years.

One of my original designs I’m especially proud of is “La Luna,” which features an inter-woven scalloped design. This area of tapestry allows me even more creativity and I’m enjoying exploring it.

Because each tapestry is created by hand, each is unique and no two will ever be alike.

Commission a
Custom Tapestry

If you have a photo that you would like to be turned into a unique piece of fiber art, click on the link above. You’ll be taken to the Commissions page to fill out a form to start the process. I can create any size or dimension you’d like.

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I sell readily made tapestries that are complete and ready to be shipped. Also, I can create a custom piece for you in a small, medium, or large size. Please click above to visit my store and see recently sold pieces.