Le Lo Boho About 1 - Home Tapestries

Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m the face behind Le Lo Boho!

Creativity is important to me. I discovered my passion in fiber art after working with clay, paint and other mediums. I am fortunate enough to have a studio just steps away from our new desert home, where I live with my husband and daughter, Charlie. Charlie is at the age where she is more interested in splashing in the dye rather than creating art, but maybe its art to her. 🙂

Here’s a sample of what my day (or night!) usually consists of…
Sanding and staining hardwood panels, measuring and cutting fibers, adhering hundreds of strands of wool for each piece, all in preparation for the upcoming dye bath. It’s a long process that I find very rewarding, once I’m looking at the final piece. Other times, you can find me with my sketchpad dreaming up new designs. More so now than ever, I understand when people say, “do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Please look around my website and if you’d like to have an original one of a kind tapestry hanging in your home, send me a message on my Contact page. You can also join me on my journey on Instagram dyeing my way through motherhood.

Le Lo Boho About 2 - Unique Tapestries

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Le Lo Boho - Palm Leaf